What are the 4 characteristics of preserved flowers?

  • Preserved flowers can be stored for 2-5 years when placed normally.
  • Preserved flowers are real flowers and do not need to be taken care of frequently, especially suitable for family or company display.
  • Preserved flowers will not infest mosquitoes.
  • Preserved flowers can be made into different products. Can be made into preserved flower decorations, preserved flower balls, preserved flower corsages, Preserved flower bouquet etc.

    What are the points to pay attention to when ordering preserved flowers?

    • It usually takes 12 hours for preserved flowers to be ordered and delivered. According to the situation, the flowers can be ordered on the same day and delivered on the same day.
    • Place the place as far as possible to avoid direct humidity and cold air.
    • Keep the flowers away from water, try to avoid frequent contact with flowers.
    • It is not suitable to be placed in direct sunlight for a long time.

    What brand of preserved flowers are there? Where are they imported from?

    Our commonly used brands include Japan Dadi, Amorosa, VERDISSIMO (France), Primavera (Ecuador), etc. The prices of the brands in different countries are not much different, and the quality is very good.

    What are the characteristics of each preserved flower brand? The preserved flowers produced by the land of Japan generally have thinner petals, and the color is mainly light. The petals produced in Primavera Ecuador are thicker, and the color is more solid than the solid color. The preservation of VERDISSIMO (France) The characteristics of the flowers are between the two. Ecuador's flowers are darker in preservation, so it is easy to fade without the other two, and it feels a little resistant to storage.