Are silk flowers artificial flowers or fake flowers?

Silk flowers are artificial flowers or artificial flowers. They are generally made of silk or PU and iron branches. Most of the products are cheaper than fresh flowers.

What occasions are silk flowers suitable for?

Silk flower products are more suitable for display occasions than flowers because of the following multiple favorable factors.

  • The silk flower is not affected by time, does not need to be replaced frequently, and can be placed for a long time without care.
  • It can be placed indoors and outdoors without being affected by the weather, without problems such as ventilation and lighting.
  • Silk flower products can be placed and reused for a long time, and the price is relatively very affordable.

What products does Silk Flower have?

  • Silk flower decoration
  • Silk corsage
  • Silk Wedding Bouquet
  • Silk flower Orchid
  • Silk flower bouquet