• What are the characteristics of online florists?

    l   Flexible ordering time, inquiries and orders are available 24 hours a day.

    l   Product prices are open and transparent, and it is easy to find products at the right price.

    l   Generally, online florists provide a membership system. After you register for a free member, you will have different discounts and points for ordering products.

    l   After sending the flowers, you will receive the physical photos of the products, and you can understand the quality of the products you ordered.

    l   The flower shop does not sell flowers in bulk, there is no stock, and the order is placed, and the flower products are fresher.


    6 great discounts at florists make ordering flowers cheaper!

    l   When ordering flowers, it is best to register first and then order flowers.Because the discounts offered in the flower shop are restricted by members, if it is not a member, the discount policy cannot be used.

    l   Generally, general discount codes, most of these flower shop discounts are unlimited, and non-florist members can also use them, and the discount is small.

    l   The discount codes that are launched from time to time are only for members and can be used together with points. The discount code is more than the discount code available for non-florist members. The flower shop will update the discount code and the amount of the discount from time to time.

    l   Bonus points are the amount of money exchanged through the promotion of the flower shop. Just apply for the "recommended account" to operate. After completing the order through the referral link to the JP flower shop, you can get 3-5% bonus points of the order flower amount.

    l   Special offer products will be launched in response to product offers at different times. Some product offers can be used in conjunction with a variety of discount codes.

    l   VIP deduction card, when customers register in JP flower shop, they can get extra deduction. The deduction amount will be different due to different VIP levels. VIP deduction can be used together with other flower shop discount codes. Some products accept this VIP deduction card. After logging in to the account, you do not need to enter any code when ordering the checkout to enjoy the deduction.


    How small can JP flower shop members order flowers?

    The original price of BO563 is $760=>Special $598=>VIP GOLDEN-3%=>Untimed coupon code-$20-$50=>500-1000 points-$50-$100=Bouquet BO563 is about $430-$520

    It can be seen that the deduction amount of member points is very large, so registering when ordering flowers can save a lot of members.Most bouquets have more than 500 points, and you can save a lot when you order flowers again.


    How can it be called a flower shop recommendation?

    l   To become a florist worth recommending, you must have the following points.

    l   The credibility of the flower shop, the credibility can be learned from how many years the flower shop has been open, and if the credibility is not good, it will be closed for a long time.

    l   The quality of the flower shop's products is to understand whether the products sold in the flower shop are of high quality. You can know the sold pictures displayed by the flower shop. It is true that there are pictures and the truth.

    l   Whether the price of a flower shop is reasonable, it is very convenient to understand the comparison price nowadays, as long as you search for a flower shop, order flowers, send flowers, or other related words on google or yahoo, you can find out after browsing a few pages.

    l   Does the flower shop clearly show the actual price? If you don't even show the price, then you can't make a budget, so the shopping is too unreasonable, so the flower shop displays the product price is the most basic and necessary.


    How to choose a cheap flower shop? Is there any way to avoid being deceived when ordering flowers?

    When ordering flowers, customers want to find cheap florists, so how to choose some cheap and high-quality florists? When ordering flowers, you should compare the overall service and product quality of the florist and compare the prices.

    Some prices clearly deviate from the reasonable level and are below the reasonable price range in the market. You must be extra careful when ordering. The price is too low and the quality or service is likely to be very different from the normal quality. Most of the flower shops that have appeared are deceiving customers with low prices. When they change their name in the second year, they will do the same trick. Therefore, you must know more about the seniority of the flower shop when you order flowers. Flower shops with 10 years and 8 years of experience are more reliable. letter.