What should I pay attention to when ordering corsages? What are the options for corsages? One article is enough

We Zhang will introduce and recommend corsages to everyone through the following article about corsages.


Corsage introduction


What should I pay attention to when ordering corsages?

When ordering corsages, you need to understand the coordination of the venue. The venue is the best choice for Chinese style. The color is more festive. There are always more restrictions on the color of Chinese banquets, while Western banquets are more casual, as long as the color of the venue is used.


How early is the order for corsages?

Ordering corsages generally have a small quantity and simple styles can be delivered within 2-3 days, so the order can be completed 4 days before delivery if the quantity is not large, but if the number of corsages is more complicated, it is best It is ordered 7-10 days in advance. Because the corsage is made by multiple processes, it is very time-consuming.


The difference between silk corsage and flower corsage

Silk corsage is the most commonly used corsage nowadays. Due to the limited use of flower corsages, fewer people use it in recent years. The current improvement in silk flower quality directly affects people's habit of using corsages. The advantages are far. There are many flower corsages. For example, the use time is not limited, the price is cheaper, it can be reused many times, and it is not easy to damage and other factors are incomparable with flower corsages.