Flower shop order method

 *order online

* Order by phone (can be ordered by calling 9029 9787)

* Fax Order

  Download the order form and fax it to 8167 1043

 * Whatsapp order (9029 9787)

The flower shop will confirm the order by phone / email / Whatsapp the same day after receiving the order. If there is no reply within 24 hours,

 Please call this flower shop for inquiries.

 Payment methods

 PAYME: Phone (9029 9787)

 Bank Cash Entry / Transfer / Online Bank Transfer

 Hang Seng Bank

 Account Number: 789-627767-883

 Account Name: (J & P Company)

 HSBC Bank

 Account Number: 033-412115-838

Account Name: (J & P Company)

 Bank of China

 Account Number: 012-356-1-019343-5

Account Name: (J & P Company)

 After depositing, please fax to 8167 1043 with bank receipt, name of orderer and contact number

 Or call us by phone, email, SMS, Whatsapp, our florist will reply

 Paypal Credit Card Payment

 PayPal-a safer and easier way to pay online!

 Paypal payment procedure:

 (1) Press the "Buy Now" button, enter the total silver code, and then press Continue;

 (2) Then click the bottom gray box "Pay with a debit or credit card;

(3) Continue the payment process

PayPal is trusted by more than 153 million customers worldwide. When you submit your order, please choose to pay with PayPal, you will be immediately directed to the PayPal payment network encrypted with SSL128 bit, and your credit card details will never be submitted or stored on our server, only PayPal can See your credit card details.


* Flowers will be in short supply due to seasonality. In this case, our flower shop will replace the same or expensive flowers

 * All pictures of flower paper, gift box and flower basket are for reference only.

   We will replace with the closest series.

 * If the recipient is not on vacation or for various reasons, if the order is not on the designated delivery day, we will complete the order processing.

 * Consignee rejects the product: If the consignee rejects the product due to personal problems, we will complete the order processing, the product will be returned to the company, and the customer can retrieve the product within 2 days.

*wrong address:

  Wrong address If the ordering customer fills in the wrong address in the order, the flower shop will not be able to make any responsibility and service commitment. Please make sure that the delivery address is correct.

Order flower recommendation

What is the recommendation for ordering flowers? If it is the first time to send flowers, it is best to order a simple and generous bouquet as the basis for ordering flowers. Choose the flower variety and color that the recipient prefers. Our ordering flower order recommends 18 rose bouquets (18 stems). )-BO101, the bouquet is simple and generous, the main flower is rose and Brazilian leaves are used as a foil. It is one of the first choices for ordering flowers for the first time.