7 things to note when ordering bouquets?

When you order flowers, what you think about is the style and price.

  • For the choice of bouquet color, we should choose the color that the recipient prefers as the main flower. If the recipient does not particularly like the color, we can choose some of the more commonly used colors such as red, pink, and purple. Are there any colors that cannot be used according to the occasion Yes? Yellow is traditionally used for apology, but this does not mean that yellow flowers cannot be used in general, as long as the flower collectors like the color can be used.
  • The choice of the main flower of the bouquet, the main flower can be selected according to the flower recipient’s favorite flower species and the reason for the flower delivery. For example, traditionally, roses are used for marriage proposals, carnations are used for Mother’s Day, etc., but this is not an inevitable choice. Order flowers It is still the most important according to the preferences of the recipients, and not everyone's preferences are the same.
  •  The packaging styles of bouquets are generally round, long, and irregular. The packaging styles can be selected according to personal preferences. There is no specific occasion or reason to choose which kind of packaging, but according to our order data, most awards or company colleagues' promotion will take long For other purposes, there is no specific tendency, which is more people choose.
  • Choose the number of branches in the bouquet, the number of branches in the bouquet means different? The number of branches has different meanings, but the meanings of the numbers in different places and countries are not necessarily the same, or you can order the number of branches according to your needs, JP Flower The number of rose branches in the store is generally 18 stems instead of 20 stems. This is because we come in bundles of 10 or 20 stems. We will not use up every stem. 18 stems are the best 18 from 20 stems. If you order 30 sticks, we have to pre-order 40 sticks. Because the flowers are natural products, there must be variations in the delivery, so we must budget for more work quality assurance practices.
  • How long does it take to order flowers? Generally, rose bouquets are ordered 2-3 days before delivery, and imported bouquets are best to be ordered 5-7 days in advance. Imported flowers are not available every day, normally 2-3 times a week , So the budget time is relatively long.
  • Which time periods are available for the flower delivery service? Which area can the flower delivery service be delivered to? JP Flower Shop offers multiple flower delivery time periods to choose from, 9:00-12:00, 12:00-16:00 and 16:00-18 Delivered within :00. The scope of delivery includes all areas of Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, airports and other areas.
  • Can I choose my own flowers for the bouquets? JP Flower Shop provides optional flowers for some of the bouquet styles. The optional items include the number of main flower branches, colors, lining flowers, wrapping paper, ribbons, etc., and more style items are constantly being updated. If not If you find the bouquet products you need on the florist website, you can contact us for inquiries.

How to choose a bouquet for the first time?

JP Flower Shop specially designed Rose + Small Rose + Eucalyptus Bouquet (18 sticks up)-BO562 for customers who are sending bouquets for the first time. The bouquet is packaged in a long semicircle style. The main flower of the bouquet is 18 roses plus small roses and eucalyptus. Good, this collocation is very generous and decent, the bouquet looks very plump and big, and there is no first choice.