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In order to facilitate the use of electronic consumer vouchers, JP Flower Shop has added the following payment methods, Alipay, WeChat payment, paypal, payme,、paypal and FPS.



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When ordering flowers at the florist, I understood this after reading this

ž   Flower shop 2021 new bouquet discounts are up to 20% discount, Japanese preserved flowers are sold at half price, silk flower balls, silk flower decorations and other product discounts are constantly updated and other member discounts are launched one after another, providing customers with the most affordable flower shop choice.

 ž   There are as many as 300 styles of our bouquets, and many styles are added every week. Each bouquet is designed by our flower shop or customized by customers. Download photos without plagiarism to ensure that each bouquet is consistent with the pattern. New preserved flowers are on sale. , Order flowers at our florist, and a gift card will be included with the bouquet.

 ž   Our florist's after-sales service includes post-delivery notification and sending bouquets with real photos of the heart card. The florist membership system provides more discounts when registering members of the JP online florist to order flowers and order more affordable flower gift products. We have launched up to 4 discounts, which customers can obtain according to different situations or be distributed individually by the flower shop.


What is the purpose of flower shop membership points?

ž   After registering at JP Flower Shop, you can earn points for the purchase amount. Points can be used for cash shopping in the flower shop. The flower shop currently offers 4 discounts, each of which will be distributed under different circumstances.

 ž   Flower shop JP discount coupons can be obtained from the homepage of our online flower shop and click "Get discounts". Get discount coupons and register for use. Premium member discount coupons, fixed-value discount coupons for senior members of florists, will be given out at different times Different discount coupons and other discount rebates may be used differently. Please refer to "Florist Points" for usage rules.


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ž   JP florist's new flower ordering system provides more comprehensive online florist services, adding member points to order flowers, and you can get more preferential prices when you purchase bouquets, preserved flowers, silk corsages and other products.

 ž   Update the tracking progress notification immediately after ordering the flowers, the customer knows the status of the order in real time, so that the customer can better understand the progress of the flower delivery after ordering. From our flower shop, you can order a variety of floral products, including bouquets, silk flower decorations, silk corsages , Preserved flowers, flower baskets and other products. One-stop service from ordering to sending flowers can be completed without leaving the house.


How to choose the flower recipient's favorite bouquet?

ž   When ordering flowers, you can choose to order according to the flower recipient's favorite color and flower types. The size and quantity of the bouquet can be determined according to special days or personal preferences.

  What are the advantages of ordering flowers in an online florist?

ž   Customers ordering flowers in an online florist can save time when going out to find suitable florist services. Online florists have more choices and more open prices.


How to choose a Hong Kong flower shop? Read here to know

ž   Flower shops are currently divided into two business models, namely street shops and online flower shops.The difference between the two is that the general online flower shops do not retail flowers and there are more payment methods.