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flower shop, order flowers, online flower shop, send flowers, bouquets

Rose + Little rose  bouquet (9 sticks up)
flower shop, order flowers, online flower shop, send flowers, bouquets

Bouquet of roses

Rose+small rose+eucalyptus bouquet with (9 sticks up)-BO562
Display product materials: rose + small rose + eucalyptus
The range of bouquet changes includes: main flower color, main flower branch number, wrapping paper, ribbon, etc...
There is an inevitable color difference between the picture and the actual product. You must understand before ordering. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Order flowers at the florist, and a gift card will be included with the bouquet. Welcome to inquire at our florist or order online
Before ordering flowers and handmade products, in order to protect the interests of customers, please read the terms and conditions
Flower language of different numbers of roses
The flower language of 9 roses-sincere and honest! Sincere and honest
   JP Flower Shop BO562 bouquet consists of 9roses + small roses + eucalyptus. It is the first choice for simple and generous flower delivery. Even if you are anywhere in Hong Kong, you can order flowers at our florist all the time, our online florist is just like you The flower shop in hand is the same, providing service for customers 24 hours a day, our flower delivery service, we deliver the bouquet to every flower recipient.
The price of this bouquet is not applicable (4/2-16/2 during Valentine's Day)

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Price in reward points: 15200
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: 花束系列
  • Model: BO562
  • SKU: 花束562
  • Need to order in advance: 36小時/h
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Available Options


The flower delivery process includes the procedures during and after the flowers are collected

In general, the flower delivery procedure includes sending flowers to the designated address and receiving the receipt, and notifying the orderer to complete the order after sending the flowers and sending the physical bouquet pictures (the orderer's notice and picture distribution will be suspended on special holidays without notice).

1. What if you fill in the flower delivery address incorrectly? JP Flower Shop can provide a supplementary fee rescheduled re-send or free rescheduled self-collection service.

1a. If the wrong address can be reached within 10 minutes' walk from the correct address, it can be changed immediately for free.

1b. The replacement date of the supplementary fee must be arranged separately, and it must be sent within 1-3 days, and the fee is HK$180 + shipping.

1c. If you choose to pick up your own bouquet, you can choose to pick it up at Kwai Hing Metro Station on the second or third day of the normal flower delivery day.

2.Is the date of flower delivery meets irresistible factors such as weather or traffic?

2a. In the event of typhoon signal No. 8 on the day of flower delivery, the JP Flower Shop will change it to the same day or the next day except for Typhoon signal No. 8. (The actual arrangement is subject to practicable circumstances).

2b. In case of traffic congestion that may affect the delivery before the specified time, JP Flower Shop will notify the customer.

3. The customer changes the flower delivery date more than 3 days after the order delivery date? (less than 3 days can be changed free of charge, but the flowers are relatively mature due to the delay of the number of days, more than 3 days may be too mature Appropriate delivery, but normal delivery can also be requested, but the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed, please understand.)

3a. The free change of the flower delivery date is confirmed 3 days before the order delivery date.

3b. If the order is changed within 3 days before the flower delivery date, JP Flower Shop will not be able to provide a free change date because the flower order has been sent, and 80% of the product price will be charged, and the shipping fee will be fully refunded.

3c. If you change the date on the day of delivery, you will be charged the full amount of the order, and the bouquet can be picked up within the second or third day.