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New Year

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  • The new flower product series of JP Flower Shop includes 420 bouquets, silk corsages, silk flower balls. There are 1,180 silk flower decorations. Preserved flowers provide a new plexiglass square box style with more than 120 sizes. We are in In the near future, a full-flower custom bouquet series will be launched, from packaging, paper products, ribbons to all flowers are selected and ordered by the customer.
  • Our flower materials will provide as many as hundreds of main flower lining flowers, and according to the different seasons, we will launch limited special flowers for customers to choose when ordering flowers. The florist provides 300 bouquet products for customers to buy when ordering flowers, we also Customers can freely choose the color of the main flower, the number of branches, and even the packaging products can be selected by the customer. Silk flower products include silk flower corsage, silk flower decoration, silk flower ball and other products can be changed by customers. Flower materials, companies or institutions can make changes to match their needs.
  • JP Florist provides a large number of different styles of preserved flowers for customers to purchase. When ordering flowers, you can also add other products to the preserved flowers to make the products more unique, and the recipient can better appreciate the care of the flower sender.

5 things to pay attention to when ordering bouquets

1. When ordering flowers in a florist shop, you must understand that there will be color differences in the display of the product on the mobile phone or computer screen, and there may be different degrees of color difference with the actual product.

2. If the number of flowers is not specified, the bouquet materials will be used in normal circumstances, JP Flower Shop will use more flowers than those seen in the picture.

3. The blooming degree of the bouquet material will vary depending on the weather, season and supply.

4. The display time of the bouquets ranges from 3-7 days. The influencing factors include the weather season, the processing after the flowers are harvested, and the placement place.

5. The packaging form of the bouquet will be consistent with the actual product as much as possible, but the size of the handicraft product will also be different from the picture. For more information, please browse the sent products in the BLOG of JP Flower Shop for reference.

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