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Vanda orchid-Silk Flower-ss102

Vanda orchid-Silk Flower-ss102
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Vanda orchid-Silk Flower-ss102
Vanda-Silk Flower/Imitation Flower
Vanda’s Latin genus name is Vanda, which comes from the Indian Urdu language, meaning that it is attached to a tree. Some people think that this word means “orchid” in India. In any case, it can be inferred from this genus that Vanda was first discovered in India. There are about 60-80 species of Vanda plants, which are widely distributed in China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hawaii, New Guinea, Australia
Vanda is a cattleya with a southern atmosphere. There can be several larger flowers on one flower stem, graceful and luxurious, with elegant and attractive flower posture. It is often used as potted plants, hanging decorations and cut flowers for vases or other floral designs. It is an important flower material for indoor decoration.
Morphological characteristics
Zhuojin·Vandai Orchid--Vandai Orchid is a kind of hybrid
Vanda orchid, also known as Vanda orchid, is a typical epiphytic orchid of the Orchidaceae Vanda orchid. Unlike Cattleya and Dendrobium, it is a uniaxially stemmed tropical orchid without false bulbs, with obvious stems, and is firm and upright. Plants vary greatly, small plants are about 30cm high, and large plants can reach more than 2m. There are many strong aerial roots on the stem, and the root length can reach more than 1m. The leaves are arranged in two rows on both sides of the stem, banded or cylindrical, leathery and green. The leaf surface has a thick cuticle, which has strong drought resistance. The raceme is drawn from the leaf axils, with 10 to 20 flowers, and each flower can bloom for 2 to 3 weeks, opening sequentially from bottom to top. Vanda orchid flowers are huge, unrestrained, and rich in color. There are white, yellow, pink, red, brown, and blue flowers that are very rare among orchids, and they have dark grid-shaped veins. The calyx is similar to the petal, sometimes the sepal is slightly larger than the petal. The lip is small, three-lobed, the middle lobes extend forward, the side lobes are erect, and the base of the lip is combined with the pillar. Most species exude an aroma during the day and bloom in autumn and winter, while a few species bloom in late summer with a flowering period of 2 to 3 months.
Its plants stand upright and have no false bulbs. The leaves are alternately growing on both sides of a single stem, just like a pair of ribs on the front of a human body. Some long-stemmed varieties can also branch or climb. The leaves are ribbon-shaped, with many hard flesh, and the midrib is concave like a furrow, in a "V" shape, which is resistant to strong light and drought and not easy to wither. Its aerial roots are thick and long, and some are like chopsticks, drawn from the leaves on the stem. Any plant that grows vigorously has many white roots, just like Santa’s beard, hanging down one by one. The more white roots there are, the more prosperous the flowering.
Vanda of Thailand and Singapore can bloom with one pedicel from almost every leaf axil, and each plant can have 15-20 flowers. Vanda orchids produced in Japan generally only have 3 to 4 flowers, which may be closely related to the weather.
The flowering season of Vanda orchid is quite spectacular, with round, long and triangular petals. The lip petals are healed with the style, the side and middle pieces are expressed separately, the flower shape is strong, the flower posture is bold, and the flower color is gorgeous. In addition to a variety of single colors, there are also two colors full of spots or nets.
Vanda orchid is a typical epiphytic orchid. The aerial roots continuously grow from the stem and are exposed to the outside. The roots are usually placed in a basket or planted in a hanging pot.

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