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12 Jun JP Flower Album-玫瑰+荷蘭馬蹄蘭5枝+桔梗-BO463
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11 Jun JP Flower Album-玫瑰+小玫瑰+尤加利花束 (18 sticks up)-BO562
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bouquet玫瑰+小玫瑰+尤加利花束 (18 sticks up)-BO562賣花束、絹花、絹花、絹花擺件、絹花球、蘭花、開花籃、永生花..
11 Jun JP Flower Album2021611-36枝玫瑰花束-BO153
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11 Jun Bouquet introduction
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7 things to note when ordering bouquets?When you order flowers, what you think about is the style and price.For the choice of bouquet color, we should choose the color that the recipient prefers as the main flower. If the recipient does not particularly like the color, we can choose some of the more..
09 Jun JP Flower Album-18枝玫瑰花束(18枝)-BO101(18s)
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09 May Florist or online florist?
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What are the characteristics of online florists?l   Flexible ordering time, inquiries and orders are available 24 hours a day.l   Product prices are open and transparent, and it is easy to find products at the right price.l   Generally, online florists provide a membership system. After you re..
09 May Are silk flowers artificial flowers or fake flowers?
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Are silk flowers artificial flowers or fake flowers?Silk flowers are artificial flowers or artificial flowers. They are generally made of silk or PU and iron branches. Most of the products are cheaper than fresh flowers.What occasions are silk flowers suitable for?Silk flower products are more suita..
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