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In order to facilitate the use of electronic consumer vouchers, JP Flower Shop has added the following payment methods, Alipay, WeChat payment, paypal, payme,、paypal and FPS.

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Corsage  襟花可以加上名片嗎?是可以的,很多公司或學校訂購襟花時都會加上名片的.顧客在我們花店選擇襟花產品時,可為產品追加名片.   名片寸尺:9cm x 5.5cm ..
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We have served JP Flower Shop is keen to provide services to various organizations, non-profit organizations, schools and companies, and has won long-term cooperation with customers, so as to continuously improve service quality and give back to customers with more discounts.   教育界 ..
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What should I pay attention to when ordering the opening flower baskets? What is the purpose of opening flower baskets and where are they suitable for use?   Flower basket application occasions  · What are the uses and occasions of opening flower baskets? Generally, the most common is store openi..
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香港喜慶常用花籃花束祝賀詞 送禮除了禮物本身考心思,喜慶賀詞亦有一定講究,不同場合使用賀詞大有不同,即使公司店舖開張,不同行業亦有不同的賀詞, 花店為顧客提供大量開張及搬遷配合不同行業使用,除公司外還有其他個人用途祝賀詞,在這裡都能找到. 公司、團體、花籃賀詞 餐飲業賀詞 金融業賀詞 醫療業賀詞 律師事務所、法界業祝賀詞 教育業賀詞 一般零售業賀詞 喬遷之喜 演出界賀詞 藝術界賀詞 體育界賀詞 開張花籃英文賀詞..
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What are the 4 characteristics of preserved flowers?Preserved flowers can be stored for 2-5 years when placed normally.Preserved flowers are real flowers and do not need to be taken care of frequently, especially suitable for family or company display.Preserved flowers will not infest mosquitoes.Pre..
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Flower shop order method *order online* Order by phone (can be ordered by calling 9029 9787)* Fax Order  Download the order form and fax it to 8167 1043 * Whatsapp order (9029 9787)The flower shop will confirm the order by phone / email / Whatsapp the same day after receiving the order. If there is ..
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bouquet玫瑰+小玫瑰+尤加利花束 (18 sticks up)-BO562花束、絹花、絹花、絹花擺件、絹花球、蘭花、開花籃、永生花..
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When ordering flowers at the florist, I understood this after reading this

The flower shop offers up to 20% discount on new bouquets in 2021, half-price sale of preserved flowers from Japan, silk flower balls, silk flower decorations and other product discounts are constantly updated and other member discounts are launched one after another, providing customers with the most affordable flower shop choice. Our bouquet styles There are as many as 300 models, and a variety of styles will be added every week. Each bouquet is designed by the florist or customized by the customer. Download photos without plagiarism to ensure that each bouquet is consistent with the pattern. The new preserved flowers are on sale in stock. The flowers ordered by the shop are accompanied by a beautiful heart card. Our florist's after-sales service includes notification after delivery and sending the real photo of the bouquet with the heart card. The florist membership system provides JP online florist registered members to provide more discounts when ordering flowers, and order more affordable flower gift products. There are up to 4 discounts available, and customers can obtain them according to different situations or distribute them individually by the flower shop.

What is the purpose of florist member points?

After registering at JP Flower Shop, you can earn points for the purchase amount. Points can be used as cash for shopping in the flower shop. The flower shop currently offers 4 discounts, each of which will be distributed under different circumstances. The JP discount coupons for the flower shop can be obtained by clicking "Get discounts" on the homepage of our online florist. You can use the coupon when you register. The premium member discount coupon is a fixed-value discount coupon for senior members of the flower shop. Different discount coupons will be sent at different times, and there are other discounts and rebates. The usage is different. For the rules of use, please refer to " Florist Points"

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JP florist's new flower ordering system provides more comprehensive online florist services, adding member points to order flowers, and you can get more preferential prices when you purchase bouquets, preserved flowers, silk corsages and other products. The tracking progress notification will be updated in real time, and the customer will know the status of the order in real time, so that the customer can better understand the progress of the flower delivery after ordering. From our flower shop, you can order a variety of floral products, including bouquets, silk flower decorations, silk corsages, preserved flowers , Flower baskets and other products. One-stop service from ordering flowers to sending flowers can be completed without leaving the house. How to buy the flower recipient’s favorite bouquet? When ordering flowers, you can choose to order according to the flower recipient’s favorite color and flower material type. The size and quantity of the bouquets can be determined according to special days or personal preferences. What are the advantages of ordering flowers at an online florist? Customers ordering flowers at an online florist can save time when going out to find suitable florist services. The price of an online florist is More choices and more public.