What should I pay attention to when ordering the opening flower baskets? What is the purpose of opening flower baskets and where are they suitable for use?


Flower basket application occasions

 · What are the uses and occasions of opening flower baskets? Generally, the most common is store opening or relocation, but flower baskets are also used in many occasions, such as the opening and closing of various performances, school graduation ceremonies, project commencement, banquets and press conferences, etc. Use it.

 There are many things to pay attention to when ordering open flower baskets. Because the purpose of placing flower baskets is to be displayed for others to watch. If there is an error, it will have a big impact. When ordering flower baskets, pay attention to the styles you choose and the information you fill in. Delivery date Time and other issues.


Basket size

 · How big is the opening flower basket? The opening flower baskets of JP florist are thin and 3 feet, the size of the flower basket is 3 and a half, and the size of 4 feet is the large flower basket. Our online size is 3 and a half to 4 feet, and the minimum order of small flower baskets is 4. Up.


Flower basket congratulatory card content

 · How to fill in the congratulatory card of the flower basket? The congratulatory card is divided into the first paragraph to receive the flowers, the content and the next paragraph to send the flowers. The previous paragraph: the flower receiving company or the name of the person or both, the content: the content depends on the occasion of the flower basket, different occasions There are different application congratulations. If necessary, please contact JP florist for inquiries. How should the congratulatory card of the flower basket be filled in? The congratulatory card is for the recipient or company in the above paragraph. The content should be determined according to the industry use. the company.


Flower basket delivery time

 · What time is the appropriate time to send the flower basket? Generally, it is 9:00-12:00 in the morning. Some companies choose to deliver in the afternoon. For example, bars and other industries that open at night will choose to send it in the afternoon. If you want to choose to specify, such as before 10:00 Can it be delivered? It depends on the situation. For example, the delivery area and the designated time will be earlier than 9:00, if the delivery is earlier than 9:00 and the place where the customer is placed is indoor, the customer can consider in advance Delivery in the afternoon is also a good arrangement and choice.


Flower basket display time

 · How long can the opening flower basket be placed? Generally, it will be placed for about 3-5 days, depending on factors such as the place, weather and whether there is regular watering. Large? JP flower shop opening flower baskets are small and 3 feet in size The flower baskets are 3.5 feet and a half, and 4 feet are large flower baskets.Our online ones are 3 and a half to 4 feet, and the minimum order of small flower baskets is 4.