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In order to facilitate the use of electronic consumer vouchers, JP Flower Shop has added the following payment methods, Alipay, WeChat payment, paypal, payme,、paypal and FPS.

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優惠劵不定時更新 , 每次更新優惠劵金額有所不同 , 敬請留意!!

此優惠劵適用於一般會員帳戶 ( 如非會員,註冊即可使用 )

折價券位置輸入 JP19257


優惠碼: JP19257

After registering at the JP Flower Shop, you can earn points for shopping amount, P Coins, and JP coupons. Points can be used as cash for shopping in the flower shop, and upgraded members can redeem for cash services.

1. Coupon (JPcoupon) 2. Bonus points (J Coins) 3. Shopping credit (P Coins) cash 4. Shopping gift card.

1. First purchase coupon (JP100)

・The first purchase coupon (JP100) can be used together with product discounts, (J Coins), (P Coins), and gift cards.

・The first purchase coupon cannot be used during the holiday season, transportation costs, and other station discounts.

・After joining a JP Flower Shop member, for the first order placed within 72 hours, JP Flower Shop Station will provide JP100 for the first purchase.

・After an order is cancelled or a full refund, if it is still within 72 hours of member registration, you can still enjoy the first purchase discount.

・If you are also eligible for the first purchase coupon or JP flower shop activity discount, the usage rules should follow the activity specifications.

2. Bonus points (J Coins)

2. J Coins

・J Coins cannot be transferred.

・J Coins can be used together with first purchase discounts and gift cards.

・The exchange rate is HK$ 1 for every 10 J Coins, which can be discounted to the amount of goods (shipping is not applicable).

・Rules of use: What is J Coins? How to accumulate and use?

・P Coins are used to discount the amount of goods when shopping, and they will accumulate when shopping. "Check the shopping cart" after shopping or enter the deduction amount at checkout.

3. Exchange of P Coins for cash

・The bonus can be used with the first purchase discount, J Coins, and gift cards.

・The exchange rate is HK$ 1 for every 1 P Coins.

・Usage rules: bonus What is cash? How to accumulate and use?

・Merchant members can redeem bonus points for cash (at least 200 P Coins per exchange), and get customized referral tracking code orders.

4. Shopping Gift Card

・Gift cards can be discounted for the amount of goods and shipping, but not for cash flow handling fees.

・Cannot redeem bonus points instantly (P Coins)

・There is no expiration date.

・For more gift card usage rules, please refer to: JP Flower Shop Gift Card

5. Other specifications

5.1 Principle of Commodity Amount Discount

・First purchase discounts, P Coins, bonuses, coupons (except shipping) can only be discounted against the amount of the product, excluding cash flow fees and shipping.

・If JP Flower Shop offers discounts on merchandise, the discounted price will be applied to the JP Flower Shop station's discount.

・The final checkout amount of the order must be greater than RMB 0.



5.2. Other specifications

・Preferential rules and discount amounts will be based on the checkout currency.

・Orders that have been placed cannot be cancelled on the grounds of not using various discounts.

・If the order payment fails and is automatically cancelled by the system, the first purchase coupons, P Coins, J Coins, coupons, and gift cards will be restored within 24 hours after the cancellation.


Note: Bonus points = points.


JP Flower Shop reserves the right to change, modify or terminate this event and agreed terms at any time. If there is any change, the revised event content and agreed terms will be published on the JP Flower Shop website. It is recommended that you pay attention to such modifications or changes at any time. When you continue to use this service after any modification or change, it is deemed that you have read, understood and agreed to accept such modification or change.