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Sunflower silk flower decoration-SF124

Sunflower silk flower decoration-SF124
Sunflower silk flower decoration-SF124

Sunflower silk flower decoration-SF124


Silk Flower Decoration-SF124 Display Product Material: Red Sunflower + Hyacinth + Amaranth


Brief introduction of flower varieties:


Sunflower (Helianthus in Asteraceae)

Sunflower (scientific name: Helianthus annuus L.; English name: Sunflowers): It is a plant belonging to the genus Platycodon, Asteraceae, and Helianthus. It is named after the inflorescence rotates with the sun. Annual herb, 1-3.5 meters high, up to 9 meters high. The stems are erect, round and angular, with hard texture and thick white bristles. The broadly ovoid leaves are usually alternate, sharp at the apex or acuminate, with 3-veined basal veins, coarsely serrated edges, rough on both sides, hairy, and long stalked. Flower head, 10-30 cm in diameter, solitary on stem top or branch tip. The bracts are multi-layered, and the leaves are arranged in a tile-like shape. They are bristly and bloom in summer. The edge of the inflorescence has neutral yellow tongue-like flowers, which are not fruitful. The middle part of the inflorescence has bisexual tubular flowers, brown or purple, and can bear fruit. Rectangular ovoid achenes, with lignified skin, gray or black, called sunflower seeds.


The habitat of wild sunflowers is mainly grassland and dry and open areas. They grow along roadsides, fields, desert edges and grasslands. It grows best in sunny, humid or disturbed areas. Native to South America, the domesticated species was brought to Europe from North America by the Spanish in 1510 and was originally used for ornamental purposes. At the end of the 19th century, it was brought back to North America from Russia. It is cultivated in various countries in the world and in China. Through artificial cultivation, many varieties are formed in different habitats. Especially, there are many variations in the size and color of the flower head and the shape of achene, and it is the best raw material for comprehensive utilization.


It is mainly divided into two categories, edible and ornamental. Sunflower seeds are called sunflower seeds, which have a high oil content and are semi-dry oil with a delicious taste and are for consumption. Flower ears, seed hulls and stalks can be used as feed and industrial raw materials, such as rayon and pulp, etc. Flower ears are also used for medicinal purposes.


Hyacinth (Hyacinthaceae, Hyacinthaceae)

Hyacinth (scientific name: Hyacinthus orientalis L.): It is a perennial herbaceous bulbous plant of the Asparagus, Hyacinthaceae, and Hyacinth genus. The bulb is oval with a membranous outer skin. The color of the film is positively related to the flower color. It is like garlic when it is not blooming. , Native to the Mediterranean coast and Asia Minor, is the most fragrant variety of flowering plants found in research. It likes a sunny and humid growth environment, and requires well-drained and fertile sandy loam.


There are more than 2,000 horticultural varieties of hyacinth in the world, which are mainly divided into "Dutch species" and "Roman species". The former is an authentic variety, most of which have only 1 scape per plant, strong body and larger flowers. The latter are mostly mutated hybrids, each of which can bear two or three scapes, is young and weak, and has finer flowers. Most consumers like to buy Dutch hyacinths.


Amaranth (Amaranthaceae, annual herbaceous plant)

Amaranth, alias: goose red, old young, old and young, tricolor amaranth, etc., Latin name: Amaranthus tricolor L. Amaranthaceae, amaranth is an annual herb, up to 150 cm in height; thick stem, green or red, often Branches, hairy or glabrous when young. The leaf blades are oval, rhombic-ovate or lanceolate, green or often red, purple or yellow, or part of green mixed with other colors, the top is rounded or pointed, the base is wedge-shaped, the whole or wavy border, glabrous. It loves temperature and light, and its optimum growth temperature is 2327. It is drought-tolerant, salt-tolerant, and has no strict soil requirements. It is native to India and distributed in southern Asia, Central Asia, Japan and other places. There are clearing away heat and benefit for the faint. Cure red and white dysentery, two will be unreasonable and other effects.



Precautions for ordering flowers:


Silk flower product size, color, flower type can be customized, please contact us for details.

JP flower shop orders silk flowers and sends greeting cards with the products. If necessary, please fill in the content.

Before ordering flowers and handicraft products, in order to protect the interests of customers, please read the terms and conditions

The price of this silk flower product is not applicable (4/2-16/2 during Valentine's Day)

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The flower delivery process includes the procedures during and after the flowers are collected

In general, the flower delivery procedure includes sending flowers to the designated address and receiving the receipt, and notifying the orderer to complete the order after sending the flowers and sending the physical bouquet pictures (the orderer's notice and picture distribution will be suspended on special holidays without notice).

1. What if you fill in the flower delivery address incorrectly? JP Flower Shop can provide a supplementary fee rescheduled re-send or free rescheduled self-collection service.

1a. If the wrong address can be reached within 10 minutes' walk from the correct address, it can be changed immediately for free.

1b. The replacement date of the supplementary fee must be arranged separately, and it must be sent within 1-3 days, and the fee is HK$180 + shipping.

1c. If you choose to pick up your own bouquet, you can choose to pick it up at Kwai Hing Metro Station on the second or third day of the normal flower delivery day.

2.Is the date of flower delivery meets irresistible factors such as weather or traffic?

2a. In the event of typhoon signal No. 8 on the day of flower delivery, the JP Flower Shop will change it to the same day or the next day except for Typhoon signal No. 8. (The actual arrangement is subject to practicable circumstances).

2b. In case of traffic congestion that may affect the delivery before the specified time, JP Flower Shop will notify the customer.

3. The customer changes the flower delivery date more than 3 days after the order delivery date? (less than 3 days can be changed free of charge, but the flowers are relatively mature due to the delay of the number of days, more than 3 days may be too mature Appropriate delivery, but normal delivery can also be requested, but the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed, please understand.)

3a. The free change of the flower delivery date is confirmed 3 days before the order delivery date.

3b. If the order is changed within 3 days before the flower delivery date, JP Flower Shop will not be able to provide a free change date because the flower order has been sent, and 80% of the product price will be charged, and the shipping fee will be fully refunded.

3c. If you change the date on the day of delivery, you will be charged the full amount of the order, and the bouquet can be picked up within the second or third day.