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Vanda orchid-Silk Flower-ss104

Vanda orchid-Silk Flower-ss104
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Vanda orchid-Silk Flower-ss104
Vanda-Silk Flower/Imitation Flower-ss104
Vanda’s Latin genus name is Vanda, which comes from the Indian Urdu language, meaning that it is attached to a tree. Some people think that this word means “orchid” in India. In any case, it can be inferred from this genus that Vanda was first discovered in India. There are about 60-80 species of Vanda plants, which are widely distributed in China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hawaii, New Guinea, Australia
Vanda is a cattleya with a southern atmosphere. There can be several larger flowers on one flower stem, graceful and luxurious, with elegant and attractive flower posture. It is often used as potted plants, hanging decorations and cut flowers for vases or other floral designs. It is an important flower material for interior decoration.
Reproduction method
Ram propagation
Vanda orchids grow faster. When the planted plants are clustered with mother plants with aerial roots, they can be divided into plants for reproduction. Generally, it is carried out after the temperature rises in spring and the plants begin to grow. Use a sharp knife to cut the air roots of the plants to minimize the damage to the roots. Smear the wounds with peat or carbendazim and plant them in a humid and shaded environment. It will bloom that year.
Cutting propagation
Due to the continuous growth of aerial roots on the stalk of the plant, the cuttings of Vanda are easy to be cut and reproduced. Therefore, the cuttings of the stems are mainly used. It is usually carried out after the flowers die or in spring and autumn. The stem nodes with 2 to 3 aerial roots on the mother plant are cut off (the incision of the mother plant must be coated with powder to prevent infection by pathogens). Wrap the cut root strips with bark or sphagnum moss in a pot, keep the room temperature at 25℃~30℃, and the air humidity at 70%~80%. When the cutting seedlings sprout, they can bloom normally in the second year.
Aseptic seeding

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