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Dahlia-Silk Flower-ss107

Dahlia-Silk Flower-ss107
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Dahlia-Silk Flower-ss107
Dahlia-Silk Flower/Imitation Flower-ss107
Dahlia (Dahlia pinnata Cav.), also known as Dahlia, Peony, Oriental Chamomile, Dahlia, Sweet Potato Flower, Asteraceae, Dahlia, perennial herb, with huge rod-shaped roots. The stem is upright, multi-branched, 1.5-2 meters high, and sturdy. Native to Mexico, Mexicans regard it as a symbol of generosity and wealth, so they respect it as the national flower.
It is planted in most countries in the world, and new varieties have come out from time to time. According to statistics, there are more than 30,000 dahlia varieties, which is one of the most flower varieties in the world. Dahlia has a wide variety of colors and flower shapes. It is one of the world's famous flowers; it can also promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and has a certain medicinal value.
Cultivation Techniques
Reproduction method
Root splitting and cutting propagation are the main methods of dahlia propagation. Dahlias can also be bred through seed propagation.
Root (plant) propagation
From March to April in spring, take out the stored roots, cut each root and the buds attached to the root neck together (the cut is coated with wood ash for antiseptic), and planted separately. Since dahlias have buds only at the root neck, each divided root must have a root neck with buds; roots without a root neck or no buds on the root neck will not sprout and cannot be planted. If the germination point on the root neck is not obvious or easy to identify, you can germinate in early spring, arrange the root clumps at a relatively close distance in the hotbed, and then choke the soil, water, and give a certain temperature, and then divide it after germination , Each ramet has at least one bud. The ramet propagation is simple and easy, the survival rate is high, and the plant is strong, but the propagation coefficient is not as high as the cutting method.
Cutting propagation
1. Site preparation: Choose a field with deep cultivation, loose and fertile, flat terrain, and good drainage. Before deep plowing, apply 125 kg of superphosphate per mu as basal fertilizer, and add 0.5 kg of 50% sub-agriculture to the soil. Disinfect the soil by turning the soil about 15 cm deep, then raking and leveling it, making a high border or flat border with a width of 2 meters and a ditch depth of 20 cm. Open the "three ditch" inside and outside to facilitate drainage of waterlogging.
2. Cutting method: From June to August, the side buds grow to 15 to 20 cm. Combine the side buds to be cut and then sow. Cuttings need 3 buds, leaving 2 buds on the upper part, cutting the 3rd bud to the base of the leaf to remove the leaves, inserting the deep into the soil and the second bud, watering it thoroughly, and using a 50% shading net for double-layer shading on the stand. Watering in the morning and evening on a sunny day, watering for half a month continuously, the soil humidity is maintained at 90%, roots will take place after 3 weeks, the survival rate is very high, and it will bloom in autumn that year.
3. Post-cutting management: After the cuttings are alive, combine cultivating weeding, topdressing with compound fertilizer saturated leaching solution before and after flowering, and add 400 ml mother liquor for extra-root topdressing for every back sprayer (about 12.5 kg). Dahlia peanuts should not be deeply cultivated after they are rooted, so as not to damage the roots and prevent weed damage. Because the plants are juicy and soft, they must be erected to prevent the stems and leaves from breaking. When the seedlings of small-flowered varieties are 15 cm high, the topping will make the plants dwarf and more blooming. When the flowers die, they can be removed in time to prolong the flowering period.

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